Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day

How To Draw Hearts With Wings

How To Draw Hearts With Wings

The emblem on the subject of love can come in handy. These are two doves slowly wearing each other, and the roses come in with ribbons with appropriate signatures, and wedding rings, and interact with the hand. It’s impossible not to remember the most popular ones either – in the shape of hearts pierced by Cupid’s arrows, or with wings resembling angels. Here we are going to talk about the latter type.

Setup level

“How to impress with wings?” – You asked. Trust me, there’s nothing complicated about it. Just to get started, decide on the composition and plot of your work. Yes exactly what your drawing is, about what details are necessary and how they are different. Think of a color scheme. Once you understand how to impress with wings, you can continue.

First Step

Most likely, you’ll want to put the composition in the middle of the sheet. So draw a circle in the middle. Take approximately the same size as the appropriate shape. Then draw a curved line. You get a circle with a crescent in it. So, you learned in the first step how to attract the wings.

Step Two

Now, on either side of the circle, add the oval. Their size will determine the size of their wings. Inside, too, is divided into two. Draw a curved line along with the number so that the bow falls below the waves. This is the second step in the instructions on how to attract wings.

Step Three

Go back to your heart and give us the appropriate number. Make two round protrusions at the top, and a sharp end at the bottom. Emphasize the volume of the picture, remove unnecessary lines, so as not to disturb the work with unnecessary details. Try to do everything carefully, if there are no dirty marks and prints on the paper. Here’s how to draw hearts with wings in stages.

Step Four

Now head to the wing. At this point of responsibility, it requires attention and artistic skills. Give the ovals “winged”. What it really is – guided by your taste and fantasy. Remember the shape of a bird’s wings and paint about the same thing. Make shoulder pads, extending sides. Then draw a line feather. Here it is necessary to remember one important rule. The first line of hair is always short. The second one is quite long, and the other the longest and the largest in the lower level. Therefore, for convenience, divide the oval into sectors and draw. And more about location. To make the heart with the wings (picture) properly, the feathers need to be placed in a row below the other. Not like fish scales, but one under a friend. Yes, there must be a clear pattern.

Step Five

Once you have completed the sketch, you are satisfied with the result, you can continue the coloring. Here either follow the established tradition or offer your own choice. The liver, of course, must be red. Shades of flowers – pink, cherry, maroon, poppy. Why is that? Love is associated with these colors, as they symbolize energy, vitality, spirit. True, you can step down from the rules and paint the hearts in gold. It would not be a mistake, because even in the language there is a stable phrase: “heart of gold”. Yes, gentle, kind, loving. And with those wings, it was “the heart of an angel”. Beautiful metaphor, right?

Step Six

What color to make wings is also an important issue. As an option – white. And black – the border between the feathers. Or light blue, with a blue contour. It will be romantic and grand, just in the right style. White color – a symbol of purity, innocence, purity of angels. Blue – the color of the sky, the dream, the hope, the love. Both of these options are in line with the general idea of ​​the picture and in accordance with the philosophical meaning of the symbol of love.

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