Happy Valentine’s Day Wishes Valentine’s Day Sayings – Poems Valentine’s Day – Valentines

Valentine’s Day Sayings – Poems Valentine’s Day – Valentines

The name comes from the bishop Valentin of Terni, who was the bishop in the 3rd century AD. He is said to have married lovers in spite of the imperial ban and then has given them flowers.

It is said that the marriages he made are under a good star. Since Bishop Valentin was executed by Ternion February 14, 269, he is still remembered and thanked on 14 February for his actions. Hence the custom of giving flowers on Valentine’s Day. Here you will find Valentine’s Sayings, Valentine’s Day Poems, Love Sayings, and Love Poems that you can use for your Valentines.

And if many miles separate us, I am glad that we know each other Because you are special.

Secretly, quietly and quietly I send this SMS on the journey.

It comes from the heart and with regards, to sweeten the day.

You are someone for the world. But for somebody, you are the world.

Love is like pink glasses that give you life makes livable. Love is you! And when you’re with me, you have everything Make sense. When you’re there, happiness breaks out me out. But if you leave me, leave me to the feeling of love, security, and happiness. Then winter returns. The cool everyday eats me up. I need you, like nature without sun and without rain dies, so a part of me dies when you are not there. Now I know what love is. Love is you.

Author: N. Vieten

Close your eyes. Climb the rainbow with me. On a sunbeam. Up to the stars. Into the infinity.

Love also needs care. I give less to the beloved Attention, love can gradually lose strength. Lasse I, on the other hand, desire space for my beloved every day To make new pleasures, love can thereby grow. I love you because I have to love you … I love you because I can not help it; I love you after a heavenly conclusion; I love you through a magic spell.


I love you as the rose her bush; I love you, as the sun does its light; I love you because you are my life breath; I love you because loving you is my being.

Author: Friedrich Rückert


If you look at the sky and you steal an asterisk there, give him a kiss and think of me, because the asterisk, that’s me …


The nicest thing that I see in life, is your smile before I get up in the morning.

The most beautiful and noblest, pure pleasure, is your warm, tender kiss.

The best feeling in this world, it is when your hand holds mine.

Pure happiness then seizes me, if I can look into your eyes.

A gentle touch of your hand, makes me melt like fine sand.

Your voice is my most beautiful music, Physics is always right between us.

Only a few words from your mouth, cause grief and sorrow.


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