Happy Valentine’s Day quotes for wife

Happy Valentine’s Day quotes for wife

The main symbol of the holiday I hand,

This Valentine is for you,

And what to say, well, honestly, and I do not know

You better look into my eyes,


And there is my wife dearly,

You can read important words:

“I love you, without memory, without an edge,

You are my tenderness, you are my destiny ”!


Officially, I want to congratulate you,

Happy Valentine’s Day, dear wife,

And it remains only to add

What I love, love you very much!


Its beautiful half

On Valentine’s Day, I say:

My wife, my goddess,

I give you today:


Your love and your heart!

And these delicate flowers,

And you open the door to me,

And I will fulfill all the dreams!


On Valentine’s Day,

I want to tell you,

You are irreplaceable to me


We are bound to you forever,

After all, you’re not just my wife,

Girlfriend, mother, sun in color,

Fate is given only to me!


With the holiday of lovers dear,

You are charming, tender,

I sincerely wish you

Always be happy in life!


And beaming with a smile

Warming everything around

Complimenting showered,

Dear spouse congratulates you!


For me, you are a whole universe,

Beautiful beauty wife.

One such extraordinary

More than anything I need.


On Valentine’s Day,

Like the first time I confess

What are you alone I need,

All my life I want to love you alone!


Lines of love and only for you,

Congratulations to your spouse

Happy Valentine’s Day, you know through the years,

I adore you madly!


Oh how beautiful and smart

My lovely wife!

Let your life be full

Smiles close and warmth!


Be as young

And always fun,

Naughty and groovy,

Unmarried wife!


For the sweetest and most beautiful,

On the Day of All Lovers, from the heart,

My wife, sensitive and passionate,

I send greetings and confess love!


Beautiful wife and mother,

Diligent hostess!

Happy Valentine’s Day,

You today, bunny!


My lovely wife

Always beautiful and smart,

You are on the day of lovers do not scold

And accept my words


Always good

Neat and slim,

You are my mascot in life

And from the love, I feel drunk!


You gave me happiness

And a lot of amazing days.

I will protect from any bad weather,

You dear and our children!


Outside the window frost, winter,

And in the heart of singing birds.

You are given to me for joy

I want to be proud of you.


After all, I was very lucky

That met you so.

With you my soul is warm,

And the world around us is bright.


Happy Valentine’s Day,

I congratulate you,

How glad and how happy

What with you we are a family!


I am grateful for this,

Everything you do for us

You darling dear

And more precious than diamond!


I know our union is not just made

Valentine himself blessed us

I am like the sea, and you are my island of paradise,

I congratulate you on this great holiday!


Today beats a salute from valentines,

And only you can write it –

You have melted the power of ice in my heart

And I could take you as my wife,


I want to admit that the choice was worthy,

And you managed to light a fire in me

I am still in love from the first meeting,

And I do not dare to wish another woman!


I don’t care what day it is,

I will always say no to laziness:

You are the most beautiful wife

And God probably has given to me!


This Valentine’s Day

The heart is the main target!

And I intend to “shoot” in your

I’m sure of that!


I will be with you forever and ever

Have heartfelt deeds,

Yes, you yourself shooter is great,

And life with you is unusual!


Pink color dominates today,

Valentine’s Day calendar,

And I confess my heart is not free,

I give it to you, my wife!


On this day, giving a Valentine,

I want you to remember

You are a wife and my half

Without which all dreams are empty.


Wife dear, dear,

Happy congratulations,

You are my gentle petal

I will give you a flower.

And a star, believe me, I’ll get it,

And I will not stop loving.

I’ll whisper you a word

How captivated you are.


I wish everyone to love, fall in love,

Marry, engage in sex.

Then multiply, multiply,

And also have sex.

Work with fervor surrender,

And after – to engage in sex.

Enjoy the benefits of life

And sex is zealously engaged.

Just dreamed of, wait,

And still engaged in sex.

And before the age of not giving up!

Grow old, but engage in sex!

It’s time to wrap up …

They called to engage in sex!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


When I’m in love with love

I am not alone in this world.

My love is always with me

How happiness tremulous peace.

So God forbid that love is not gone,

So that she never hurt

To keep the fire in the hearth,

So that I have always been true to you.


Earth rotates love

Moves across the sky

I’ll scream to you again:

“Hear? Love!”

what is the strength

Suppose I do not write poetry

And do not paint pictures –

Be only with me, please

In fabulous Valentine’s Day!


Happy Valentine’s Day, my favorite!

I want to wish passion,

You are sensitive, unreal sweetly,

I have long wanted to tell you:

What are you boiled eggs cooler

Dreamed of being always yours.

Maybe somewhere there is better …

But you are alone in my soul!


The girl’s favorite, the most expensive!

Sending a valentine, sweetheart.

So many lonely in this world

But I found my soul mate!


Friend treasured,

I’m so very happy!

Your secret love –

Happy reward!

Let the wishes come true,

Dreams come true

Suffering will be forgotten –

Togo deserves you!


My dear girlfriend!

On Valentine’s Day, I wish

With the beauty of their all to fight

And steal men’s hearts!


Sea caress, tenderness, and passion

It is located in love with power.

Hot kisses and hugs,

Any romantic activities,

Appreciated so that the second half,

I wish you Valentine’s Day!

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