Happy Valentine’s Day Messages For Boyfriend

Happy Valentine’s Day Messages For Boyfriend

Happy Valentine’s Day Messages For Boyfriend

Already figured out how you will surprise a loved one on February 14? Then you here! Jayhawker prepared for you a selection of 14 unusual valentines for Valentine’s Day.

Everyone loves to receive unusual valentines, but not everyone knows who initiated this tradition.

According to one of the versions, the first Valentine was sent by a certain Duke of Orleans, who was imprisoned and scribbling love letters to his wife from boredom. According to another, valentines were “invented” by a young girl who wrote a letter to her beloved in 1477 asking her to prove her feelings and promise to get her dowry from her mother.

Be that as it may, valentines wrote in the XV century. In the XVIII century, the peak of their popularity. These were real works of art: beautiful paper, color painting, lace hem. In the XIX century, the mass production of valentines began, and every year they became more and more depersonalized.

Today, Valentine is just a card with hearts and the phrase “Happy Valentine’s Day!”. But Layfhaker made his selection of valentines – for those who do not accept the mediocrity and wants to surprise the second half on February 14.

This fresh and tasty idea is to take fruits that your second half loves (for example, watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple) and cut hearts out of them with the help of pastry molds.

In this case, you can stitch fruit hearts on a skewer or insert, say, a piece of melon into a watermelon. The result will be an original, and most importantly, useful recognition. Those who are on a diet will appreciate.

Pixel art is a type of digital painting where images are formed at the level of pixels. Valentine, made in this style is very symbolic if you met on the Internet. A kind of quintessence of the fact that love can be found on the Web, but cannot be digitized.

Such a valentine can be put next to the computer – a smile every time you look at it and remember about your loved one.

Cutting schemes here, here and here. Small tips: use quality paper, a sharp stationery knife, and be patient.

Why 52? According to the number of cards in the deck from which the Valentine is made. Technically, it is easy to make such a valentine – a deck of cards, glue, scissors, a couple of pictures printed on a printer or inscriptions cut out from old magazines and ready.

But! It’s not an easy task to invent “causes”. We’ll have to sweat, highlight the unique features of your soulmate, remember your intimate moments together.

An option for passionate people who want to demonstrate how their heart burns in the fire of love. All that is required is a metal surface, hairspray and a lighter. Well, a beautiful melody on the background does not hurt.

Attention! Be careful! Do not attempt to retry indoors, follow fire safety regulations.

There is nothing easier than buying a box of chocolates (especially, they are so beautiful now!) And present it to your loved one. But he is unlikely to appreciate the valentine, bought in the store, as high as the one that you do with your own hands.

Here you will find a diagram and a detailed tutorial on creating an unusual sweet Valentine in the form of a heart pierced by an arrow of Cupid.

The path to the heart of a man has long been trodden – feed, and he is yours. Therefore, girls who share this opinion, as well as men who want to culinary hit their beloved, will certainly be interested in a Valentine-pizza.

This is a heart-shaped pizza. You can buy a ready-made base for pizza and cut a heart out of it; and then, as usual, ketchup, sausage, cheese or any other filling. The main thing is to please the taste preferences of the second half.

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