Happy Valentine’s Day messages 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day messages 2019

February 14th comes the most romantic holiday of the year – Valentine’s Day. We have collected the best SMS valentines so that you can congratulate your loved ones, even if you are far away from them. Choose beautiful messages in verse and prose for a boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband.


Today, on Valentine’s Day,

I wish you, my man,

My favorite guy is a brave knight,

To your dreams come true soon.

On a Ferrari, il another horse,

Just come quickly to me.


I love with all my heart, spleen,


And even the liver! Seriously

Don’t you look at girls,

Not that I will instantly deprive hair!


You know, I’m in love – a tigress,

And I will not give you another!

Let the heart beat more often

Happy Valentine’s Day, my dear!


My favorite hero, with a wondrous holiday of love! You are as handsome as Apollo to me, as healthy as Hercules, as Solomon clever, and as rich as Rockefeller. And all the minor flaws I am not going to look into the telescope. I wish you always be only mine!


Darling, you are my prince, hero,


And although we sometimes quarrel,

But Valentine is a love arrow

Has struck us on the spot with you

So I wish to gain strength,

It is worthy of me to admit love.


May Valentine, lovers of all saints,

You will save from life idle.

You will give peace and comfort,

Babies and wife, that dad waiting.


Sometimes dangerous and not easy

Fate happens to the bachelor.

Save you by sacrificing yourself

I always agree, my love!


May Saint Valentine send you good luck in love! And may this love for me be the only one. And let your further life illuminate with that wonderful light that gives a chandelier in my bedroom!


May the saint Valentine tell you,

What to our meeting led through the year,

He never doubted that

That I, my love, is your destiny.


Happy Valentine’s Day, dear, congratulations,


And I hope you are happy with me.

I do not accept excuses

You’re my only one!


Passionate hugs, beloved,

Let us be united forever!

You are inseparable from me,

I feel about this feeling!


Hi, hi, it’s me, sms-valentine! I want to convey the hottest kisses, the strongest hugs from your beloved! Happy Valentine’s Day! She said you are the best!


Valentine’s Day at the window,


Congratulations on this, my dear.

Sneak over to you quietly cat

“Purr” you to good luck and peace.

Gentle grace add mood

And a little heavenly inspiration.


Ah, beloved, dear,

My best boyfriend!

Congratulations I rush you

On this day of the calendar!


Gratitude send Amur

For your candidacy,

On Valentine’s Day

Passion boils in me – deep!


Happy Valentine’s Day to you, dear. And though this holiday is also loving, I ask you not to forget that you are mine. I wish you to look less on the sides, prepare lips for kisses, hands for hugs, and all the other pleasant surprises for me. Love you!


This Valentine’s Day

I send you a hot kiss,

I tell everyone – you are my half,

So don’t be jealous for nothing!


Let him give wings Valentine,

So that you could rise endlessly,

But do not rush to the sky to fly alone

Take me land to admire.


I want to fly in your arms …

You carefully me, dear, carry,

And if you suddenly get tired, then,

You ask me for Valentine’s wings.


Favorite! Today, on Valentine’s Day, we must spin in a dance of passionate kisses and great love, and after that, you, like a really decent man, should definitely marry me.


Love swirled us snow snowstorm,

Saint Valentine rallied us with you,

You promise to be very gentle,

I always wish you to love me.


Receive my message, dear

Today, on Valentine’s Day,

You are for me like a fairytale hero

And the best man on earth!


Let time pass, not catch up,

With you, I appreciate every moment

Let me from the heart wish

You love, health and luck!


On the day when St. Valentine rules the world, I give you, my dear, the only one, my passionate kisses, gentle touches, and ardent embraces, I send you all the hidden thoughts and sweet dreams. And I give my love to you, expecting only reciprocity.


There is no you safer, dear,

No more beautiful, no bolder.

You are my light, joy, and peace,

Life with you is brighter, more fun.

Happy with you my love

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Valentine breathed romance

In our souls, giving smiles,

We, beloved, are one with you,

And there can be no mistake.


So let’s spread our wings behind our backs,

Those that fate gave us,

So we flit over the earth

After all, love soar us taught.


Happy Valentine’s Day, dear, beloved! I wish that our fiery feelings never fade away, but flare up with new force every day. Let the soul be full of tender warmth, happiness, life’s joys.


May the Valentine be invisible to you

Now bless beloved

From parting and offense

Always let him keep love.


On Valentine’s Day, my dear and sweet,

I wish you a wonderful life, very smooth.

I wish you joy, success and health,

And enjoyment and peace, and love!


Let everything be as you wish, as you like,

Let the days be pleasant, the nights are magical.

Let all problems be solved instantly,

And may good luck follow you!


Gorgeous mood, mind-blowing fun, hot dance for you today! And of all this, of course, with me, because our holiday has come – a magnificent and just wonderful day of lovers!


Darling, I congratulate you on your special day,


May good Valentine give joy!

I wish you, love,

And remember that now you are not alone!


I give you my love, dear

And on this bright day of earthly love

Thank you all for saying

For kisses, meeting under the moon.


I wish: be always invincible

Do not let success out of your hands.

After all, happy is the one who truly loves.

So, you will be the happiest of all!


My real knight, my reliable support, my happiness come true! Happy Valentine’s Day! Be near always, dear, giving your attention, because I really need it!


I wish on Valentine’s Day

Try yourself as a family man.

Let this role be to your liking

So that in the life of the former is not attracted already.


Happy Valentine’s Day, my kitten,

I congratulate from the heart!

Even though you are not a child,

Life will open the door to the fairy tale!


I wish you well

A lot of sunny moments!

Know, I adore you,

You are worthy of compliments!


Let the patron of all lovers Valentine generously reward you for the love you give me every minute. Let him give you as many benefits as delicate kisses and hot hugs you gave me.


My dear, my most reliable man,


I congratulate you on Valentine’s Day,

Let the heart of love for the year save

And let it be strong, like granite!


To rise to the moon to change the sun, to snow down,

And summer greens will be autumn change for copper,

Only invariably greedily cling to your lips,

Darling, my lips will be, and my heart will sing.


To sing about the eyes, in which passion rages on the sea,

And I dive into it ready to head off. Catch!

Unlimited, cute, give the same power

On Valentine’s Day, light our love with you!


Darling, I wish you a magical evening on Valentine’s Day, when tenderness runs over your skin, sliding across your neck and back with your fingertips, when the sun settles on your lips, warming you with a tender kiss, and in your eyes you will see a salute of words unfathomable today that is understandable in your eyes!


My beloved, brave, beautiful and gentle,

I am always serene in your arms

I congratulate you on Valentine’s Day,

My only and beautiful man!


Happy Valentine’s Day,

My beautiful and dear,

Adored man

I want to be always with you!


Let the saint protect

Our feelings will save

And let love flourish,

Bright as the fire burns!


Favorite! Valentine’s Day is our holiday. You are my ideal, I am delighted with the fact that I can rely on your strong and reliable shoulder. Be always lucky, healthy and happy!


On this Valentine’s day,

Feel free to say

What is your heart ready for you

As a gift, to live forever.


On the day of February we all celebrate the holiday,

I tell you, my love, I send my congratulations,

The patron saint of lovers now magnify,

Well, I will say quietly: I love you!


And to you, dear, I wish you tenderness and passion,

And more fun days, happy victories,

So that you can enjoy happiness with me,

And in my heart love has sparkled for many, many years!


My dear, Valentine’s Day is an excellent occasion to remind you once again how incredibly I love you so much, as I pray to the saint who gave the name to this wonderful holiday, about your luck and our happiness together!

Happy Valentine’s Day, dear,

The best, gentle, tender such!

I will be near, I will always love

I will carry our feelings through the years!

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