Happy Valentine’s Day Cards 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day Cards 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day Cards 2019

Cards for Valentine’s Day began to write in the XIV century. They served as messages between separated lovers. Naturally, in each country they made their color in such notes: the French added confessions in the form of ardent quatrains, and the British were the first to turn the note into a postcard decorated with angels, hearts, and flowers. These postcards are popular today. Relax.by has chosen for you several master classes on how to make a nice postcard for the Day of lovers with their own hands.

Postcard “100 hearts”

We will need:
scrapbooking paper;
patterned hole punch;
sewing machine;
the envelope.
1. Take cardboard and make hearts out of it with a hole punch.
2. Cardboard sheet bend.
3. Take two different hearts and place them on the front side of the card.

4. Using a sewing machine, sew the hearts to the cardboard. Of course, this can be done manually, only very carefully, because the seams will be in a prominent place.

5. Bend the upper hearts.
6. Sign the card, pack in an envelope and send to the addressee!

Postcard “Confetti”

You will need:
old newspapers;
hole punch ordinary;
color paper;
the oilcloth is transparent;
1. Bend the cardboard in two and cut out the heart in the middle of the front side.

2. Make newspaper confetti with a hole punch.

3. Cut squares from transparent oilcloth (2 pieces).
4. Sew squares from three sides, and then fill the resulting pocket with confetti.

5. Sew the remaining side of the square and attach the shape of confetti to the cardboard from the inside so that the center of the square is visible in the window-heart.

6. Secure the square with tape.
7. Glue a piece of paper inside to hide the confetti.

Tip: for such a card is a perfect red envelope!

Valentine’s card “We are together”

You will need:
cardboard sheet;
Polaroid photograph (we cut a heart out of it);
a series of photos;
a pen;
1. Fold a sheet of cardboard in half and cut a window on the front side.
2. In the card (if open, on the right side) paste the photo with tape.
3. Glue the Polaroid photo card to the first page.
4. Postcards can be added with clippings from the magazine or with signatures about your pair.

Postcard “Bouquet of Flowers”

We will need:
White paper;
pink and green corrugated paper;
1. Cardboard is based on cardboard. What it will be, you decide: monophonic, with a pattern or embossing. The white paper is used as a second layer (cardboard can also be used).
2. Postcard decoration is flowers. They are easiest to make from corrugated paper. To begin with, cut it into rectangles, then roll them up into a tube and slightly bend them. Such blanks buds need a lot to decorate cards.
3. Do the same for corrugated green paper. The only curled paper needs to be cut – to make something like leaves.
4. Now you need to connect the buds of roses and leaves, gluing them together. There is no better material than crepe paper for creativity. It is supple, and from it, you can easily make natural-shaped buds.

5. Are billets ready? It’s time to collect them in a bouquet. Stick them on the card, forming a heart shape.
Such a card, presented from the heart, is a proof of love to its half.
Volume postcards on February 14

Volume postcards, or pop-up (“unexpectedly appearing”), are easy to make, but they turn out to be quite spectacular.
You will need:
thick paper or cardboard;
1. The template can be printed or find the pattern on the Internet and redraw it. Mark the necessary incisions, and then fold the paper along the dotted lines.
2. Glue the cutout onto a piece of cardboard. It is better if the color of the blank and the cardboard will be different, so your recognition will look more spectacular.

Such a card will appeal to the designer, gamer or programmer. Girls also like volumetric postcards, because they love surprises.

Paper Valentines: “Cute Elephant”

Very simple valentine. The secret to postcard success is the contrasting colors and hearts that give it a cute look. By the way, a heart can be glued instead of an elephant’s ear. The basis, as always, is cardboard, the carved elephant and hearts are glued to it.
Valentine “Heart in the heart”

Such a postcard will be appreciated by a wife, husband or person with whom you are only going to build a reliable relationship. Especially she will be to a place in the family where the baby is waiting or there are already children. Such a postcard is a message: “Your heart beats forever inside my heart, our baby’s heart has firmly settled in our hearts. Only together we are a real family, sincere love, and nothing can destroy our relationship. ”
We will need:
white A4 cardboard – half a sheet;
red felt (as an option, suit fabric will do. Monochrome fabrics of different shades can be used, this will give the composition brightness);
openwork butterfly sticker;
1. Fold the cardboard in half.
2. Cut out three hearts from the fabric. To the edges do not crumble, overlook.

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