Happy Valentine’s Day 2019 Wishes

Happy Valentine’s Day 2019 Wishes

Happy Valentine’s Day 2019 Wishes

Happy Valentine’s day wishes 2019

You smile to my lips
My heart is you
My reward for my worship
Beats my heart for whom
He knows me

❤ said every moment from a moment
You come in front of me for a moment
Something like that with a moment
Remember that every moment you
Wishes for Valentines Day

❤ have taken away for a few moments
But for almost every moment
How to forget you for a moment
When is love for a lifetime

❤ Love is just a coincidence
These two hearts are met
Love does not see Valentine’s day or night
There is only loyalty and emotions in this
Happy Valentine’s Day

❤ Year-long Ishq Faramenge Sanam Tough
I’m not happy about any Valentine’s Day

❤ No worries how long will you cry out of the proposal
Love work is government, it will happen soon
Happy valentine day

❤ You come in dreams
Do you come in memories
Where I Go, Where I See
I see you

❤ Know what happened in ignorance
I’m sorry for you

❤ far away, but love is yours
Wait after your refusal
If it is easy to forget, forget it
But even today the heart is unbearable

❤ An excuse, a feeling, my thinking and just you
A question, a mansion, your thoughts and just you
One thing, one evening, with you just you
A Dua, a Prayiyad, Only You
This Valentine Day,
All my things are just for you!

❤ Not everybody is confused
Every Arjun is not complete
In whose heart people like you live
For them, there is no need for beating

Romantic Valentine Day Quotes in Hindi for Girlfriend
❤ Slab e Ishq has come to these valentines
See what kis ki ki ki ki ki Rishta ho

❤ smile you this lip
Beating you this heart
Laugh you make this face
You know that this soul

❤ You will lose your own deficiency in the heart
You will leave the waiting queues in the eyes
Do not forget to remember us,
Leave such a story of love

❤ What do you compliment in your
How do you get help in words
Whenever people will ask about our love
Only you will be seen in my eyes
Happy valentine day

❤ That sweet laughs she’s nursing her
I see what I see, then its blush
Raising thousands of excitement in my heart

❤ Let’s name the silent love today.
Give your love a lovely kiss
Do not go anywhere before
Give your throbbing arrows a sunny evening

❤ Love words are not pleasing
Not everyone has the secret of the heart
Why wait for all valentines day
Is not every day of the year entitled to love?

❤ Love is a feeling that does not disappear
Love is the mountain which does not bend
Ask us what is the price of love
Love is a precious diamond that does not sell

❤ Every person tells me how to live life
How to explain to them that a “dream” is incomplete my
Otherwise, it comes to me too

❤ can get easily
Who is he?
Stubbornness is his, which is not written in the lawsuit
I love you

❤ Those who have a lot of agreement
She is very sad to meet
Which is not in the rows of my hands
We love him much
Who does not even know the way to my heart
These beats have a lot of waiting for them

❤ There is a lack of which you are not
False laughter on the face and moisture in the eyes
Your ghost is riding in Khaylato in Khwabo
No one else’s

❤ No console or no gesture
No promise of return
Still, know why you are waiting in the evening.
I love you

❤ You do not want to talk about you
Yesterday I met you in the mirror.

❤ All the world’s faces
Will mislead you
You just stay in my heart
No one here comes

❤ Do not cry to us from your heart
If you do not always point
It is far away from you
You do not suffer from terrorism
Happy valentines day

❤ Let’s name the silent love today.
Give your love a lovely kiss
Do not go somewhere before
Give a roaring Barrowman a sunny evening

लिए Life is required to live
You need us
What’s on my face
The smile on your face

❤ Is that life in which there is no love
Is that love, not memories
What memories do you have in

❤ Now the evening-o-sanar keeps me just khayal tera
Something like this has happened to me, I am with you
That no longer teach and complain with that god
Just one of you was filled with happiness

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