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Happy Valentines Day

Choreographer Leonid Lavrov Sky

Choreographer Leonid Lavrov Sky


An outstanding artist, teacher, and choreographer Leonid Lavrov sky have written a brilliant page in the history of modern dance art. His name was associated with the formation of ballet in the Soviet Union and the tour of the Soviet ballet star overseas. A brilliant choreographer, a talented organizer, and a beautiful man – this is how he is remembered by his contemporaries.

Leonid Lavrov sky’s ballet dance: biographies, photographs

There are those who are mentioned by name whose memory immediately results in association with any phenomenon or event. These names are closely linked to high service for their work. In the gallery of people who bring world fame to the Russian ballet, it is impossible to get beyond the portraits of a talented and passionate man – choreographer Leonid Mikhailovich Lavrov sky.


Leonid Ivanovic Ivanov (real name of the choreographer) was born on June 5, 1905, in St Petersburg. The family is not rich, it works. However, the father of the future choreographer loved music and made some unexpected moves. He quit his job and entered the service of Maryanski’s Chorus Theater. It is not known how, without this father’s firm action, the great fate of the future choreographer’s creative might be shaped. But from this moment on, Lenya began spending a lot of time behind the scenes. He began to explore the theater world from the inside.

Theater art attracts talented young people. He entered Leningrad Choreographic College, where he graduated in 1922. During his studies, headmaster Vladimir Ponomarev revealed that the man had the talent and artistry of a new dancer. Gradually began to shape his artistic vision of the profession. At the same time, Ivanov decided to take on a creative nickname. Apparently, his last name seemed too easy for him, and actor Leonid Lavrov sky was completing a choreography college.

At the beginning of the journey

After graduating from a technical school, L. Lavrov sky was listed among the staff of the Leningrad Opera and Ballet Theater group in the first soloist position. Upfront is a classic set and time-tested show, where she will perform in Giselle, Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty. The young artist works a lot, but he loves to have fun after the show. However, over the years, the actor has developed a very good character: even after a stormy night he never allowed himself to be late in the theater or give up training. At the same time, Leonid Lavrov’s sky was married for the first time. His favorite is ballet dancer Catherine Heidenreich.

The noisy and funny festivals in the circle of friends are not a hindrance to further study and education. Leonid read a lot, took lessons in piano and music history, went to exhibitions. Gradually, an uneducated young man from a working family turns into an experienced and intelligent man. Elegant looks and natural wit complement the formation of a great future choreographer.

However, in the theater, everything went smoothly. The young and talented dancers are breathing in the background. Lavrov sky began to feel that he was being squeezed, he was not allowed to dance. Slowly colliding with the ballet’s artistic director A. Vaganova only worsened her morale. In 1936, unable to withstand the tension that ensued in the theater, L. Lavrov sky resigned. However, in the status of unemployed artists soon. Just a week later, he received an offer to lead Leningrad Small Opera Theater. In this position, L. Lavrov’s sky worked until 1937.

First Withdrawal

In line with his participation in ballet performances, Leonid Mikhailovich began his staging activity. At the Leningrad Choreographic School, he performed “Sad Waltz” with the music of J. Sibelius (1927) and “The Seasons” (PI Tchaikovsky, 1928). Schumann and Symphonic Etudes (1929) were set to music by R. Schumann. It cannot be said that L. Lavrov sky’s production activities were ever successful. M. Fokina’s (1932) style concert program failed and was recognized as a bourgeois and destructive bourgeois feeling.

Failure does not stop the director. The new era has meant that art should be accessible and understood by a wide range of workers and farmers. For the Leningrad Choreographic School, Leonid Lavrov sky put on two ballets, Facet and Katerina. This time he hit the mark. Both performances were considered successful, and the young choreographer took over the new production based on the works of NA Rimsky-Korsakov, A. Adan, A. Rubinstein and more.

At the same time, other events occur. Leonid Lavrov sky, whose personal life with E. Heidenreich was unsuccessful, was married for the second time. Elena Chickadee, who participated in the ballet “The Caucasian Captive” with music by B. Asafiev, was her choice. In 1941, their son was born – Mikhail Denisovich Lavrov sky, whose biography is also associated with ballet art.

Kirov stage

Meanwhile, lust has not subsided at the Maryanski Theater. A. Vaganova’s frustrated and dominant character brings the situation in the ballet group to a higher level of passion. The leader was deceived by the lack of new performances in the assembly, the clinging of young authors, authoritarianism in important creative decisions, old regimes and despotism. He also remembers. Lavrov’s sky’s departure from the theater. It’s hard to say how far these accusations are. But it all ends with the fact that the artistic director of the ballet is emptied. December 31, 1937, Leonid Lavrov sky, choreographer and ballet dancer, was appointed a chair of the Leningrad Opera and Ballet Theater. SM Kirov. This post was held until 1944.

Prokofiev, “Romeo and Juliet” (1940)

In 1940, L. Lavrov sky began work on ballet Romeo and Juliet with the music of SS Prokofiev. Large-scale performance is not easy. At this time, world ballet does not develop the tradition of producing William Shakespeare. His works have been interpreted by choreographers in different ways, so no canon is set in which the director can rely on his work. But before L. Lavrov sky there was another difficulty. Strange enough, but this obstacle is SS Prokofiev’s excellent music. Canvas is a complex, unusual composition technique. The musical canvas is woven from a variety of interrelated themes and creates the best lace of the author’s perceptions of eternal tragedy. At first, artists could not understand the purpose of the composer.

Lavrov skis patient and persistent. But music scores have also changed to make the game brighter and sharper. Gradually, the troupe overcame musical resistance. The production of “Romeo and Juliet” was well received by the public and criticized. They recorded the extraordinary music of S. Prokofiev, delighted with the success of choreographer L. Lavrov sky, praising the scene. Galina Ulanova was an undeniable winner of this performance. Moscow’s premier ballet is brighter. The show is recognized as the best ballet of our time. This largely determines the director’s next life. In 1944, L. Lavrov sky was appointed the head of the Soviet Union’s first ballet.

Moscow, Bolshoi Theater

Lavrov sky understood that everything he did before that was only the beginning of working in the country’s major theaters. First and foremost, he became active and talented in restoring the classical ballet repertoire. On the 100th anniversary of the ballet, “Giselle” L. Lavrov sky created his own version of the show. The updated “Giselle” with G. Ulanova is recognized as one of the best productions of this ballet and is a model for generations of choreographers. Then a new edition of Raymond and Chianina ballets was created.


Another major work by L. Lavrov sky was the re-creation of Romeo and Juliet on the Bolshoi Theater stage. Production cannot be mechanically transferred to a new level. It has become bigger and more important. The emphasis shifted and the conflict escalated. The public scene and the new scene complete the transformation of L. Lavrov sky’s concept. The new edition of the famous ballet was very successful. L. Lavrov sky received the Stalin Prize, and his decades-long performance has been a hallmark of the Bolshoi Theater.

20 years: successes and failures

Lavrov sky believes that there is no dance for the dance itself. The meaning of the activity is the task of finding new talent and promoting new names on stage. Ballet Bolshoi during his work presented a successful debut to many talented dancers and choreographers. The chairman himself is not sitting still. The next production is The Red Flower. This is the new edition of the ballet “Red Poppy” by composer R. Glider. The story of Chinese sailors and Soviet sailors on the unity of people of different nationalities and skin color. The audience loved the show, and the dancers enjoyed the dance. For this production, L. Lavrov’s sky was awarded another Stalin prize.

The ballet stage of “Night of Walpurgis” in “Faust” by S. Gounod is a small choreographic work written on the classic opera canvas. All of the leading ballet dancers want to dance on the scene. Classic dance fans go to the opera to see their status in the real diamond of choreographic art.

However, L. Lavrov’s sky’s next great work will fail. It is a “Stone Flower Story” based on the works of P. Basho. It seems that S. Prokofiev’s music, G. Ulanova’s talent, and L. Lavrov sky’s experience are powerful creative tools that can create great ballet work. In fact, everything is different. In 1953, without finishing work on the score, S. Prokofiev passed away. A year later, the production was completed, but it became too naturalistic, without poetic and light-hearted. In January 1956, L. Lavrov sky was dismissed from his position as head of the Bolshoi Ballet Company.

Foreign visits

Today it is impossible to imagine that there was a time when the world did not know about Russian ballet. Great names, famous performances and the result of Soviet choreographers are for Western society behind the same iron curtain as the entire Soviet Union. Breaking this gap with the help of ballet art is a political matter. The first visit of a ballet dancer to London (1956) was commissioned to lead L. Lavrov sky, who had a creative pension. Four performances in a collection of Soviet artists, two of which were presented by L. Lavrov sky, have made a spectacular cultural impact on the sophisticated English community. Visitation is a victory. However, upon completion, the choreographer no longer works.

Two years later, the situation recurred. A visit to France – and again L. Lavrov sky became the leader of the tour team. And after returning, he was fired from his favorite theater. Only in 1959, L. Lavrov sky returned to the Bolshoi Theater. In the future is another difficult and responsible journey abroad – a visit to the United States.

The continuation of the dynasty

In 1961, another Lavrov sky was included in the Bolshoi theater group – Mikhail Lesnevich. The choreographer’s wives were well-known, and by this time he had married for the third time, never giving her an heir. But his only son became the successor to his father’s affairs and proudly brought Lavrov sky’s famous name to the scene. Mikhail Denisovich continues his career as a ballet dancer. Father didn’t make an exception for her. The oldest Lavrov sky considers his children’s ballet-wise abilities merely a pretext for increased demands and stricter regulations.

After one of the prime ministers, he wrote a few lines to his son: “Everything is open to you, and everything depends on you!” So Lavrov sky ordered his son. Photo of Mikhail Lesnevich with his father’s signature on his life.

Heart Memory

After being fired from theaters in July 1964, L. Lavrov sky began working at the Moscow School of Music. In 1965, Leonid Mikhailovich was awarded the honor of the USSR People’s Artists. He worked hard and put on concert numbers for students. Most of them are still kept in a repertoire of well-known schools.

“Heart memory” is the name of the last concert number given by a well-known choreographer. Leonid Lavrov’s sky died in Paris, where he attended ballet school students. This took place on November 27, 1967.

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