Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day

biography and creativity

Biography and Creativity


The disappointment of a poor Greek boy, who, in all cases, was the pride of Russian painting, was very interesting. Qing’s short biography speaks of the extraordinary talent, dedication and great artist’s spirit.

Children and adolescents

The shock was so detailed that the actual date of Kindship’s birth was not established. The biography begins with doubt – either 1841, or 1842. This is not important, but strange. In the same way, the translation of his last name, meaning goldsmith, will be shown in all his activities as a painter. Early orphanage. He was raised by poor relatives. Studying tirelessly, he kept pulling out the rest of the papers just coming.

Poverty and poverty forced him to raise geese, work as a bricklayer, and then at a baker. But there was a thirst for drawing, which brought him to Theodosia. Kindship, 14, whose biography is just beginning, dreams of becoming a great IK Aviano’s student. But it didn’t work – he was entrusted with just scrubbing paint and painting a fence. He returned to his original Mariupol and became a trapper – not a painting, but something similar. By the age of 24, he had been rushing around the Black Sea coast, working the same way.


At the Academy of Art, no one is waiting with Kanji’s open hands. The biography of St Petersburg began with an unsuccessful attempt to study art. He just wasn’t taken to the academy. But three years later, he drew a picture that he exhibited at the Academy exhibit. Then he finally got his attention, given the title of an independent artist, and was even allowed to pass the exam in his expertise. U Kindship who received a diploma degree is enriched with Wanderers. In 1875 he presented his work “The Chatzky Tract in Mariupol”.

It no longer has Kindship, which we all represent more mature free work. This is a feature of Wanderers’ realistic canvas: dark colors, impassable dirt. Everything is inspired by the theme of life dissatisfaction of the people, whom Petersburg loves. But he notices, and, trusting himself and departing from the “Partnership”, Kindship, whose biography is still unstable, goes to the sketch to the north.


He created the “On the island of Valium”, “Lake Ladoga”, which caught the public’s attention. Ark hip kindship, whose biography is growing, is able to marry a girl he has always loved. A year later, he revealed a painting that not only hit the public, but also his sophisticated art partner – “Ukrainian Night”.

This is a break in creativity that is visible to all, an exotic innovation that only exists for itself. Now kindship will start thinking about everything – both the theme and the way he writes, freely develop his achievements, delves deeply into the colors, colors, and effects of lighting, enjoying a beautiful game. In 1878, at an exhibition in Paris, where kindship arrived with his wife, he impressed the French with the exhibition of his works. He is recognized as the most Russian and original artist. That same year he began working, where he would work for 23 years, – “Evening in Ukraine”. In France, he studied Impressionism, and under his influence would later write three landscapes – “North”, “Birch Grove” and “After the Rain”.

Long-delayed, like an abscess, out of the Wanderers’ Association took place, after which Kanji displayed a picture – “Night of the moonlight on the Dnieper”. It was an explosion. No wonder the artist has experimented so much with the colors and lighting she has created in special exhibitions, blackened the hall and illuminated her canvas with light. But chemical ignorance plays a bad joke with the work – dark colors over time, and now it doesn’t make an initial impression, though it’s still beautiful.

This is a new stage in the works, a philosopher – Ark hip Ivanovic kindship was born. Biographies talk about his thoughts on reality, about other ways to express them on canvas. He seeks to understand the depths of the material world. Keep in mind that he is just a poorly trained orphan who has not graduated from the Academy of Arts. To top it off with talent and hard work one can climb!


In 1881-1882, kindship organized two more exhibitions in which he exhibited “Birch Grove”, growing steadily among art lovers, and “Dnepr Morning”. This work has been reduced. After that, the artist was almost twenty years away from public life. Explanation of the retreat of the famous artist as Kanji artist could not provide a biography. At the height of his fame, he vanished from public view and criticism.

Work alone

kindship works by creating new colors that are supposed to be stable and do not change their appearance over time and under the influence of air. He wrote more new works, looking for other style directions. In 1886 he bought a piece of land in Crimea, where, living with his wife and students, he spent the summer following the Impressionist example in the open air and wrote “Sea and Coast Views. Crimea”, “Coastal sea. Crimea “,” Crimea. Jayla “,” Slope mountain, Crimea “and more. This is a very different Kanji, filled with light, sun and calm sea salt.


In 1888, at the invitation of a Wanderers, Kanji visited the Caucasus and brought back the new impressions and sketches he had been working on in St. Petersburg. He reflects the magnificent Caucasus by writing a series of paintings: “Elbrus by day”, “Elbrus. Nightly Night”, “Snowy Peaks”, “Snowy Peaks.

This is a short listing of his works, in which he philosophically interprets the magnificence of the surrounding world. This is completely different, technically and internally updated by Kindjal when it comes to romance with philosophers. Critics believe that kindship’s Caucasian period influenced NK Roerich’s work in the Himalayas. After all, the Caucasus kindship is symbolic. This is the highest unrealistic ideal, beautifully expressed at the same time.

New exhibit

In 1901, the artist came out of solitude and showed his friends and students work beginning twenty-three years ago – “One Night in Ukraine”, as well as the works of “Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane” (1901), “Birch Grove “(1901). In general, the artist currently produces about five hundred works. In the same year, they show the view of Moscow from the Sparrow Hills. Taking up the topic, he built it completely, and then, turning to another also created a series of pictures that connected with each other, without repeating and shocking when you saw his work in succession. Not only are the themes surprisingly different, but also their color solutions.

The exhibitions by kindship once again brought the crowd to a happy state, once again controversy and talk about her began, but the artist closed again. Causes of behavior such as kindship’s short biographies, such as his contemporaries, cannot provide. The artist may be tired of idle talk since he is sixty years old. True, by our standards this isn’t much, but then they think it’s a little different.

This past year

For ten years Kanji created all the new canvases. The absolute masterpiece of the day – the “Rainbow” painting. He is in the Russian Museum. Kanji worked for five years. The freeways flow along the empty field. Above they lay the sky over two-thirds of the canvas with glittering rainbows. It’s all very simple, but the simplicity is provided by great skill, observation, and thought. It was written “Sunset Red” and “Night” (1905-1908).

The death of the artist

In the summer of 1910 in Crimea, he contracted pneumonia. This is now a very serious disease, which makes one incapable. And then no antibiotics. With the permission of the doctor, the caring and caring couple transported the patient to Petersburg, but the doctor’s efforts did not help. He could not remain silent, and he died on July 1910. His tomb is now in the Trikini Cemetery, at Alexander Newsy Monastery.


From the poorest class of society, the artist, as soon as the money started to allow, began to be involved in charity, donating a large sum of money at that time (for one hundred, fifty thousand rubles) to the Academy of Art, and the Art Association. AI kindship for the annual awards. The same people, he gave his property in the Crimea. The artist himself and his wife are satisfied with the small things, they live modestly and modestly. After his death, he received a pension appointed by Ark hip Ivanovic, and the artist shared all his wealth between relatives and the Artists Association.

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